Mystone Lavagna, the stone-effect stoneware for those in search of perfect black

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Nero Stone Effect: Unexpected Total Black Look - 1

Seductive textures and 3D effects for amazing, total black interiors

Seductive, elegant, glamorous: total black is very much back in fashion, in both interiors and architecture.

Of course, black has never not been trendy: the absolute non-colour looks good with virtually any shade and has always been a favourite choice, including for floor and wall coverings. Recently, however, while on the one hand we are still continuing to see white moods and all-white interiors, on the other taste is shifting towards design schemes with a much darker mood, through to total black itself.

Designing all-black spaces is a challenge, a very strong stylistic statement, which may be ideal for residential interiors in glamorous, contemporary style, for retail locations with a high-impact concept, or for cladding the outsides of buildings.

When colour is eliminated in favour of total black, the trick is to play around with textures, with the juxtaposition of materials, with solid shapes and gaps, and three-dimensional effects.
And exactly this can be done if Marazzi Mystone_Lavagna tiles are the chosen covering. This stone-effect stoneware, inspired by the darkest type of slate, faithfully reproduces its tactile effect, creating the ideal tile for those in search of perfect black, in a daring design scheme in absolute black with all the beauty of stone.

Mystone_Lavagna comes not only in the rectangular and square versions (30x60, 60x60, 75x75 and 75x150), but also in the 3D mosaic variants with extra-small chips with square shape or of varying sizes (30x30 or 30x60).
Thus a single colour and a single material offer the scope for creating interesting variations on the theme of black: just think, for example, of the striking effect of a combination with 3D mosaic on the wall and 75x150 slabs on the floor, or how the black of Mystone_Lavagna can add character to portions of walls, surrounds or focal points.
Last but not least, the anti-slip structured version is perfect for paving outdoor spaces, for seamless continuity between indoors and outdoors.



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