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CLC House: "Restyling an apartment"

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CLC House: "Restyling an apartment" - 1

A renovation project that alternates the warm, neutral tones of Treverk wood-look stoneware with the bright, brash hues of Colorup wall tiles. 

As part of a renovation project for a private home in Leonforte (Enna, Italy), which entailed the renovation of the bathroom, the kitchen and all the flooring. For the floors and walls, we decided to use Marazzi products.

For the floors we wanted something practical that would give the effect of wood, but with much different technical performance characteristics, from subtle veins to warm and neutral tones. At the same time, we wanted a format that would make it possible to lend a sense of movement to the floor through a customised layout that could be adapted to the different rooms. This is what led us to choose continuous flooring with Cappuccino colour Treverk throughout the home, in 15x120 and 20x120 formats with an original “running bond pattern” in keeping with the overall project. A sinuous movement created on the floor recalls a snake that begins in servant spaces and invites the inhabitant to enter and exit the served spaces, while the effect gradually diminishes.

In this space for personal well-being, there is an overwhelming harmony between colours, forms, and materials, thereby recreating that sophisticated "sensation of continuity, warmth and intimacy". The delicate colours evoke nature and the walls emanate their own light, lending even elegance and refinement without compromising the concept of austerity that was intended with the original project. All this was made possible by the large formats of the ColorUp line: 32.5x97.7 in black, grey, beige, and white. But the real peculiarity can be found in the customisation of the cut and in the formats - 3.5x16.5 and 3.5x9.5 - to create two waterfalls of small black tiles descending from the ceiling to enhance the shower and sink areas.

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