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Contrasting effects

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Contrasting effects - 1

A dream come true: renovating our family home in a way that makes the most of its original features. 

Renovating our family home was a dream come true. It was old enough to deserve some attention and preserve its original architectural elements. For the floors we chose TreverkHome, Betulla color, in three formats (30x120, 20x120, 15x120), laid according to a precise pattern that was never monotonous because it was difficult to perceive the repetition, as all the veins, knots, and shades change constantly. From step to step, from room to room, the planks continue endlessly, making the spaces seem bigger, from the ground floor to the living room under the eaves, where the floor offsets the majestic eighteenth-century beams in larch.
TreverkHome enters the bathrooms with the warmth of wood, but without its weak points. For the bathroom with the window, we chose ColorUp: the large shiny tiles in the colour Ottanio, alternating with an ironic polka dot decoration. They cover two contiguous walls; on the opposite walls, there is the same format in an elegant beige, where we have furniture in shiny Ottanio.
In the second bathroom the Betulla floors brighten up the walls covered in the large formats of the Concreta series, in the matt elegance of Creta and green, further enhanced by warm contrasting lights and shadows.
The Betulla colour floor made it possible for us to use a more daring colour for the kitchen furniture: shiny olive green, softened by some intervals of milky white and quartz counter tops, where the white is cooled by a touch of grey.
A white tile would have created a succession of "non-colours" that would have been unappealing. The solution once again was ColorUp, large formats laid horizontally, with an unexpected grey joint; the striped white with the thin vein made it possible to find perfect harmony between the different hues of the surfaces.
We wanted our renovation to be preservative and innovative, colourful but austere, elegant and practical. With the right materials, we succeeded!

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