“E”, another System to design outdoor and indoor spaces both public and residential

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“E”, another System to design outdoor and indoor spaces both public and residential - 1

A porcelain stoneware inspired by stone with an original aesthetic, both in natural and polished version to design in&out spaces with no limits.

After A, B, C, L, N, T and V, the letter E is now added to the architects’ alphabet, enabling them to work with all the materials in the Colour Plan, a constantly expanding scheme that delivers technology, dialogue between materials, versatility and at the same time colour, expressed through different connotations depending on the system of products concerned.

SistemE is designed to enrich the offering with  a stone-effect product. The product features soft lines and dusty shades. The very light graphic motifs, randomly distributed, allow great versatility in laying and help create a sophisticated and original look.

Thanks to its technical characteristics, the product is suitable for use in public spaces (light and hard commercial) but one of the main intended uses for the collection is in residential settings, where it can combine technical performance with great stylistic value thanks to two surface finishes, natural and polished.

SistemE  is made of double loading porcelain stoneware with a production process in technology towers. It involves precipitating micronized powders to create patterning with non-repetitive, natural movement. This guarantees a product with outstanding resistance to stresses and traffic and particular refinement in terms of colour definition.

Colour Plan by Marazzi Tecnica thus continues its study and interpretation of neutral shades, which have always formed the chromatic base for understated, minimalist coverings for indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a range of surfaces that are at once technical, elegant, soft and timeless.

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