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Finally... at HOME

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Finally... at HOME - 1

We bought this apartment at the end of last year. It has four rooms covering about 120 square metres in a nice and quiet area of Milan with lots of green.

We started working on our project immediately. We wanted a comfortable and functional home that would also be warm and welcoming for all our friends. The design and the quality, as well as the colours of Marazzi products seemed like the right choice for what we needed. We soon found something we liked for each room in the house: floors and walls for the kitchen, both bathrooms, the living room and the bedrooms. The only choice.
We wanted the floor to be uniform throughout the house, including the bathrooms: have almost immediately decided not to use wood floors, we wanted to find a product that would be durable, modern, warm, and refined. The oak colour of the TreverkHome Rovere porcelain stoneware was perfect for us. It was installed vertically “running bond pattern” in three formats: 120x15, 120x20, 120x30. When they first see it, no one can believe it isn't wood! Our white kitchen was also enhanced by the porcelain, as were the light blue sofas that blended perfectly with the warmth of the oak colour. For the main bathroom we chose to combine green tones and stripes with the floor.
The bathroom we added to the main bedroom was instead intended to make a master suite for us: we even used TreverkHome in size 90x90 in the shower niche. For the walls, we combined large ColorUp ceramic slabs in Ottanio, starting at the floor and the final row has a large format polka dot decoration: the result is a brilliant stroke of colour and character that our children immediately dubbed the "bubble bathroom". All in all, Marazzi finally brought us HOME.

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