Imperfetto: the handmade' s charm translated into ceramics

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Imperfetto: the handmade' s charm translated into ceramics - 1

The imperfection of hand-workmanship, the craftsmanship that makes every single ceramic piece unique.

The collection is inspired by hand-worked material, and the originality of hand-crafted products. Designed with great care, the flaws are the expression of a sophisticated, sensitive spirit, the value-added and distinguishing mark of the collection’s uniqueness.

The color range is inspired by the colors of the tableware produced by the old pottery works, tones that are still “warm” even in colors generally seen as “cold” like white, grey and blue.

The soft, opalescent material gives emphasis to the structure, which recalls the ridges left by the potter’s hands in vases thrown on the wheel. It also allows the creation of original motifs and leaves ornamental features open to a variety of interpretations.

The plain tile colors White, Pearl and Bone obviously recall artistic porcelain pieces; Clay is the raw material on which the glaze is applied; Royal Blue and Pottery are the shades associated to Limoges porcelain, famous all over the world for its distinctive elegance; this material has a tradition reaching back over more than three centuries, and another of its typical features is the intensity of its colors, which give the series the potential for use in more luxurious design schemes.

The theme of majolica is also extended to the decors, with a variety of declinations and interpretations. They retrace the classical forms of tradition, conveying a feeling of familiarity, a nostalgic recollection of the tiles of the past; here the decorative motifs have been reworked in simpler style, underlined by the volumes and colors which give a contemporary tone.

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