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Marazzi porcelain tiles for a renovation of a resort in Montepulciano

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Marazzi porcelain tiles for a renovation of a resort in Montepulciano

Tradition and modernity blend in an old villa of the 19th.

Here the location is an area rich in tradition and fine food and wine, in the lovely municipality ofMontepulciano, in Tuscany. The Etruria Resort & Natural SPA hotelwas created by renovating a historic 19th century villa, and retains the main building and the garden, surrounded by fine old trees. 

An atmosphere with great appeal, which blends tradition and modernity in the combination of the materials used to cover the walls and floors of the various rooms and areas. 

The ceramic tiles, supplied by Marazzi, welcome the visitor in the ground floor  foyer, where the white of Stone Collectionporcelain slabs reflects the light from  the large windows, giving luminosity to the reception zone and adjacent bar area.

The brightness of these zones gradually gives way to an atmosphere of greater  warmth, where stone walls and floor coverings in Evolutionstone Piasentina with  bush-hammered finish are the backdrop to a relaxing, natural wellness area.

Architectonic plan:

Studio Architetto Pizzinelli Riccardo
Assistente Arch. Sonia Forzoni


Montepulciano, Siena - Italy