Mesh-mounted mosaic for wall covering.

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Mesh-mounted mosaic for wall covering. - 1

Mosaics in stoneware and glass catering to all architectural and stylistic requirements.

Mosaic wall coverings are as steeped in history as they are popular in modern-day architecture: mosaics have been a favourite choice of designers since ancient Greek and Roman times, and remain just as popular today. All thanks to their exquisite beauty, creative versatility, adaptability and the ease with which they can cover a wide range of surfaces, including irregular ones, offering designers a wide range of stylistic solutions. Mesh-mounted mosaic is the ideal type of mosaic in this case: it consists of a wall covering in which the mosaic dots are pre-mounted in modules on mesh in order to facilitate application.

With the Mystone stone-look collection, Marazzi proposes different types of mosaic in stoneware, including 3D, in the classic square dot version and in the strip tile version, as the ideal solution for adding character to recesses, shower interiors and entire walls, both indoors and outdoors, for residential as well as contract projects.
Mystone, which reinterprets the beauty of six fine stones – Gris Fleury, Kashmir, Pietra di Vals, Pietra Italia, Quarzite and Silverstone – is boosted this year with the addition of new surfaces, Ardesia, Lavagna and Bluestone, which introduce realistic, contemporary new stone effects in which mosaic remains the focal point alongside large slabs.

Marazzi also proposes a vast range of glass mosaics with the SistemV collection, a rich, attractive range of mesh-mounted mosaics that is perfect when maximum design and stylistic freedom is required. The highly versatile product can be used to cover and enrich entire walls with striking play on colour and reflected light. SistemV can also be used to play with the decorative composition of architectural details like recesses and corners, but also to cover curved elements such as columns and bathtubs. The mosaic system is the perfect solution for projects in locations like pools, saunas and Turkish baths, and an option that greatly enhances both private residential bathrooms and those in contract settings.

SistemV comprises three different collections, Crystal, Glass and Metal. The “micro dots” in size 1x1 of SistemV Glass enable even the tightest curves to be covered with glass mosaics, while the 12 solid colours of SistemV Crystal with a crystal-effect finish, offer exciting new colour and design solutions. Lastly, SistemV Metal enriched with metallic inserts, can also be used in contract spaces such as cafés, bars and restaurants to create striking feature walls.