Mystone: infinite interpretations for a unique collection

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Mystone: infinite interpretations for a unique collection - 1

Stone inspiration for a collection of hyper-materials that combine the best performances with unusual surface effects

A character change for one of the finest, most ancient materials used by man: stone, available in nature in a wide variety of forms, has a unique appeal due to the aura of eternity and the strength conveyed by this most primitive of materials when shaped into blocks, slabs, forms and sculptures.

In the Marazzi laboratories, the primitive beauty of six exquisite stones is reinterpreted in an infinity variety of colours, surfaces and potential uses and, if required, combined into three-dimensional mosaics in different forms.

The result is a new material, a hyper-material, which in one case accurately reproduces the original and in the other enhances the natural vein patterns and grain of the inspiration stone, interpreting them in new shades and surfaces, to respond to a variety of architectural needs and meet the requirements of both contract and residential projects.

Mystone Gris Fleury, for example, is available in 5 colours, 6 sizes and 3 surfaces (natural, gloss and outdoor) and is inspired by a French stone with an uneven grain. In the taupe colour, it is a perfect imitation of the original stone, while the other variants - white, beige, grey and black - are a new interpretation of it, creating a material of restrained elegance but strong character.

Mystone Gris Fleury is a high-strength technical stoneware, also suitable for outdoor use, which fits perfectly into residential projects where the intention is to use the same material, in seamless continuity, both indoors and out, or to style a bathroom with immense personality.

In the photos, Mystone Gris Fleury photographed by Andrea Ferrari in a home spa and by Silvia Rivoltella in an outdoor area.

Styling Stefania Vasquez.