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“The aroma of mornings familiar the world over”

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“The aroma of mornings familiar the world over” - 1

Wood-look stoneware and cementine tiles by Marazzi for the interior of a bakery in Ragusa

The idea of bread as an element that preserves the memory of humanity and as a source of worldly, social and spiritual life was what guided DFG Architetti in the design of the San Giuseppe bakery in Ragusa. Wafting from the tasteful interior is the aroma that people all around the world associate with mornings, as flour and water are expertly combined daily to make fresh bread.

The wood-look stoneware Treverkever and Block cementine tiles combine perfectly in this setting and, together with the white interior furnishings, enhance the golden colours of the produce on display.

For the floor, the architects chose Treverkever in the Natural shade in the 20x120 size, a wood-look stoneware characterised by pronounced veining and shade variations and contrasting knots. The bright shades give the surface added interest, creating a warm, welcoming feel in the interior.

The Block cementine tiles, meanwhile, enrich the space with hand-crafted overtones, creating the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary. The architects used them not only for the walls of the bakery workshop, but also to cover umbrella stand-cum-tables and to create original bases for vases.

The workshop, enhanced by an attractive cement tile wall covering, is seen not as an area to be hidden from view, but as a space that nurtures creativity, where know-how is cherished and passed on. The idea of breadmaking as a skill to be handed down is also explicitly emphasised by the workshop light fittings that extend all the way to the sales counter.

See the gallery for photos of the project taken by photographer Marcello Bocchieri.