Treverkever, the new ceramic interpretation of wood.

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Treverkever, the new ceramic interpretation of wood. - 1

Very sophisticated graphics, attention to details that remind to handcrafted wood and the practicality of porcelain stoneware make Treverkever the perfect ally for interior designers.

Treverkever is the new aesthetic expression of the Treverk family.

In interior design, the use of wood has now become a virtual “must”; this type of material has become immensely popular everywhere.
In past years, designers have created an infinite assortment of furniture and ornamental features in wood, using the most widely varying types of timber, while interior decorators have started to suggest combinations of every type, generating unusual mixes and innovative reworkings. What’s more, it is becoming more and more fashionable, in all contexts, to reuse old boards or planks to combine a “lived-in” flavour with the beauty of the material itself. Old and new, past and present, cleverly blended for an original, highly personalised design scheme. Treverkever is inspired by this philosophy.

The typical colours of wood and its variations of shade are underlined and treasured as signs left by time and the environment.
Vein patterns, contrasting knots and putty repairs bring life to the surface and come to the fore in an elegantly natural look that transmits intense visual and tactile sensations, giving warmth to any interior, whether traditional or stylishly modern.
Treverkever combines the “wood look” with the convenience and strength of porcelain stoneware, so it is ideal even for those intended uses where wood itself may not be suitable. The collection comprises a range of five colours: Natural, Sand, Ash, Clove and Musk.

The warmth and intimacy of interiors created with the Treverkever collection makes the spaces we offer personal and welcoming, dense
with reinterpreted tradition, perfect for prestigious renovation projects and suitable for modern solutions in a variety of styles.