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Treverkhome and Block stoneware tiles decorate a splendid villa in Sicily

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Sicilian Villa: Treverkhome and Block Stoneware - 1

Wood-effect and resin-effect stoneware tiles were chosen by the arch165 architecture firm for the renovation of a home in inland Sicily.

A project in minimalist style, where the pure geometrical lines and the white of the walls of the new layout blend attractively into the colours of nature. Purely natural materials – metal, wood and stone – are combined to make every room difference, with a unique, individual, tasteful mood. Indoors, space is dominated by natural wood, its shades, tactile beauty and vein patterning emanating a warm, relaxing light.

Continuity between the various rooms is guaranteed by the use of a single floor covering wood-effect stoneware from the Marazzi Treverkhome collection, in the Acero finish.

In the living area and bedroom, the different types of wood and finishes, together with an intentionally simple style, give the furnishings, all the work of local craftsmen, a strong character, where tradition and design meet.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration and this also applies to the internal coverings; in the daytime-area bathroom, the shower is designed as a natural waterfall, with the lightness of the water contrasting with the massive walls that surround it.

The importance of the stone partition is underlined by the continuity of the back wall, conceived as a single surface, where the brushed surface of the Block porcelain stoneware tiles creates a resin effect. The use of the matt Grey finish, resembling pure, bare concrete, creates a tasteful balance with the wood of the vanity top and the gleam of the sanitary fittings.

When styling the en-suite bathroom, great care was taken over the choice of finishes, since it was intended as not a mere utility area, but a part of the home dedicated to personal wellbeing.

Wood is the star once again: the Treverkhome wood-effect porcelain stoneware runs vertically up the walls, transforming them into key interior design features and creating continuity between the vertical and horizontal surfaces.

The choice of the 120x20 size, combined with the alternation of the striking Acero, Larice, Castagno and Betulla finishes with their visible vein patterns and knots, expresses all the essence of the living wood.


Architects: arch165 Di Franza and Sgrò.

Collections used in the project: Block and Treverkhome

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