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Grande Resin Look The Large Size

Marazzi Grande Resin Look reinterprets all the modernity and tactile appeal of resin in large porcelain stoneware slabs in slimline thickness – 6 mm – and the new 120x278 cm rectified size, providing slabs able to cover the full height of a standard wall, with no cuts or joints. Grande Resin Look comes in 8 colours: 4 on satin surface – Bianco, Grigio, Beige and Verde Chiaro – which can be used on floors and walls indoors and outdoors, and also for covering facades, and 4 on Cold Satin surface – Rosa, Rosso, Verde Scuro and Blu – only suitable for use as an indoor wall covering. Cold Satin slabs are manufactured via a new cold technology which provides an unprecedented depth of colour and enables every slab to have different details of shade and patterning.


  • Beige
  • Bianco
  • Blu Cold
    Blu Cold
  • Grigio
  • Rosa Cold
    Rosa Cold
  • Rosso Cold
    Rosso Cold
  • Verde Chiaro
    Verde Chiaro
  • Verde Scuro Cold
    Verde Scuro Cold


  • Naturale/Matt


  • 120x120
  • 120x278


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